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What makes Proactive better than other
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Customized Digital Marketing Strategies

What works for your competition may not work for you. However, we will pay close attention to the competition. We’ll provide solutions that fit your firm's style and goals.

No Long

We do not utilize long term contracts designed to hold you hostage. We want to work with those that want to work with us. We stay in touch to make sure you remain happy.

One Law Firm

We are dedicated to your firm when your firm partners with us. There can be only one Law Firm that dominates the first page of Google in the city or cities you serve.

Law Firm Marketing Services

Word Press
Web Site Design

We design all of our sites on WordPress. WordPress provides a very stable framework that is user-friendly and is highly customizable. This allows us to build Law Firm Website Designs that provide the flexibility to structure your firm's website with an SEO architecture that Google will reward by reducing your overall investment in SEO with superior placement in the search engines. This is an extremely important factor that is often overlooked and can cost you a fortune.

Search Engine Optimization

Lawyer SEO has changed a lot over the last few years. We stay on top of all of Google's Algorithm changes so that our clients are rewarded not penalized. We provide all of our Law Firm SEO consultants with advanced and in depth SEO training to ensure our clients dominate page one of Google. We maintain our membership and contribute to several mastermind groups that keep us on the cutting edge of Google SEO for Lawyers. We have an unfair competitive advantage.

Pay Per
Click Advertising

The cost per click for law firms is one of the most expensive advertisements to place in Google's portfolio. It is extremely important to manage your Law Firm's PPC Advertising budget very closely to ensure you attract the right clientele to your website. We also ensure our clients stay informed with our reporting and monthly reviews. We review all accounts daily to maximize your investment and exposure with search engine marketing that includes strategic remarketing.

Employment Branding & Advertising

If your firm is growing then you'll be constantly looking for highly skilled professionals to join your firm. To attract the best talent you must have a strong Employment Branding Strategy. We showcase your firm as the employer of choice in your community. We do this with digital strategies that include Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube and of course, well-written job descriptions focused on attracting talented and skilled individuals we then distribute to 100s of job boards.

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Law Firm SEO FAQs

This is a great question. Being visible when someone is looking for your service is vital to any business's success. SEO does take time but you will start seeing more and more traffic coming to your site month after month if you are working with a reputable SEO Agency.

One of the most important parts of marketing service is the discovery phase. This is where your strategy for dominating google starts. We need to understand your goal and the areas in your business that make you the most money. We need to know which keywords in your local market are going to give you the best shot at landing clients.

There are other factors that will affect your ROI in SEO. Those include how the phone is handled and how you interact with your clients. That being said once we know how much your average client is worth to your business and we have looked over search volume for your money keywords we can provide a forecast of what things could look like when we are #1 on Google.

You will receive monthly reports to show you the progress we are making. Generally, you should expect 9 to 12 months before you will be on page 1 of Google. SEO requires patience and an understanding that you will not get new leads in the first few months. However, once we are on page 1 you will get unlimited clicks and your firm's phone will be ringing off the hook.

It is important that you are comfortable with the process and provide resources such as images, content, videos, and other various forms of information so that we can best serve you. Attention to detail is extremely important to our success. This really is a partnership. We can't do it without YOU.

People tend to buy from people they Know, Like and Trust. 

When a person is searching for a law firm they don't know anyone or they would simply Google the law firm's name. Since they don't know anyone they ask Google for a referral to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Your City. Google then provides those results to your potential client which is where they start to Know, Like and Trust you. 

Understanding why that client is on your website and focusing on solving their problem is vital for a web site visitor to turn into a paying client. People are looking to solve their problem they don't really care about you or your firm. They are motivated by their pain and you are the pain reliever. Once they trust that you can take care of them they enlist your services.

That is what is going on right now. You are reading this to determine if I got what your firm needs to grow. Can I trust Proactive Law Firm Marketing to deliver? That is up to you. We know we can but do you believe we can that is the question. If you do believe then you will be a new client. 

We will focus on attracting your favorite and most profitable clients into your Law Practice.

People tend to do business with those that they know, like, and trust. Getting word of mouth referrals is in most cases is the path of least resistance in as they trusted the referrers opinion of your firm, While referrals are great it is unlikely you will get enough to fuel your growing practice. Google will and can refer you to more patients than any other source available today. 


When your prospective client searches on Google, it is hard for them to understand the differences there are between law firms. They are not being referred by someone they know, like and trust.

That is why understanding who you are trying to attract and why they are attracted is so important. We need to strategically identify the pictures, words, and videos your prospective patients want to see and hear. Understanding the client's psychology will guide us in being the most appealing law firm in your city to the client that found you on Google. 


Understanding the types of clients you want to serve will help us in crafting your message. This message should help that client feel as if they are in the right place or they will feel like you are not the right attorney for them. This is a great thing. You should serve the people you serve best. We have found there is far more success in serving specific types of people rather than trying to be everything to everyone. You only get a few seconds to attract someone. We do not want to attract just anybody we want to attract your dream clients. 

This is why the discovery process is so important. We need to be appealing to your clients so that you don't attract headaches. We will consult with you put together a strategic plan to attract those clients on a budget.

The biggest danger lawyers face looking to marketing their legal services 




We work with you hand in hand to benchmark your current website and all other sources of leads. We then monitor the website and business analytics to determine where the clients came from and their profitability. This allows us to help you make smart decisions with your marketing budget as we work together.


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